Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is the THIRD time that I have had to start over on this post. GRRRR I hate it when that happens. I was typing the last sentence when it said there was an error and had to close. I hope I can get to finished this time.

I have three painting that I wanted to share with you. The little house belonged to my friend's grandparents...their old home place. The day they were pushing it down, I took a picture and then painted it for him as a surprise. The other two paintings are also in his house. He is a cowboy and loves western art.
This is all that I have for tonight so I shall say, "Good Night John Boy!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There was frost this morning and yesterday was windy and cold as a witches elbow flying in the north wind. I guess this is Blackberry Winter. We usually have a little cold shot just before Easter. Tomorrow is suppose to be up in the mid 70's. Is that crazy weather or what? It was so perfect last Saturday. I wish we could enjoy some more of that weather for a while. The Good Lord sends us what we are suppose to have so I will just enjoy what it is and be thankful for all things.
Here is one of the 11 puppies that we have. This one is 4 weeks old and is Shelly's favorite. She put this little scarf around his neck today and wanted me to take his picture. It is amazing what she has taught him already. He will stay, sit and come when she ask him to. She praises him a lot and also gives him little treats of ham. I really was amazed when she got him to do all of those things for me to see. All of the 11 furry children are so cute!

Well, this is it for tonight so I shall now say "Good Night John Boy".

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Emmy is a typical 3 year old...."NOT". She is so smart but innocent. She has been here several times during the week and wanted to spend the night every time. Jerri would tell her she had to go to school (day care) and that I had to work. Friday finally got here for her. Jerri said that she got up at 6 a.m., ready to go spend the night with Bibbi. When she got here, yesterday afternoon, she come in running to me saying, "Bibbi, I been wanting to spend the night with you since lasterday, here I am." All the days before were lasterdays. lol

She woke up this morning at the crack of dawn. It was just beginning to get light. I pretended I was still sleeping, in hopes that she would go back to sleep. She sat up in bed and crowed like a rooster and said, "Bibbi, it's time to get up. Did you hear the rooster crow?" Of course, at that, I could not keep my eyes closed or still for laughing at her. She then reached over and patted my cheek and said, "Bibbi, I love you so much...I want some Viennas". Talk about a heart melting, mine did. She is so cute, smart and loving. She also has a mind of her own that you can not change with any amount of bribing or persuading in any way. She will be ready for what comes her way in life, I am sure.

She is also very inventive with her prayers. Very thoughtful and good.

Emmy was 2 in this picture. She wanted a mustache like her Daddy's, so she painted herself one.

This is a picture of her at her #3 birthday party.
Shelly, her 7 year old, going on 21 year old, sister, is very protective and nurturing to her. Emmy loves her Sissy. I could go on and on about my Grandchildren but I will stop for Emmy's page for right now and say "Good Night John Boy".

Saturday, March 28, 2009


These are Visa's 3 boy babies...born March 17, 2009 These are Gypsy's 3 boy and 5 girl babies...born March 10, 2009
These little Terrier babies have their eyes open now, fat as little butter balls and are soooo cute.
I know, I know, I have been a blog slacker lately but have been busy but not a lot to blog about going on either. I have painted a couple of little things but still have a little detailing to do. I will try to get that done and posted soon. I will try to do better, I promise.
I shall say "Tootle Loo" now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is my latest painting....."Poor Little Willie Anne" looks so frightened when she notices James Lee, peeking out of the knot hole in the 'Outhouse', sticking his tongue out at her. Hope she didn't have to go to bad. lol Don't you just feel so sorry for this cute little girl? James Lee is being quite mischievous!
This an acrylic and was lots of fun to paint.
This is it for now...time to say "Good Night John Boy".

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This little Schnauzer puppy painting is for a friend of mine, Mary, that lives in Florida, next door to Rischa. Her sister just passed away and there are two of these cute little guys that lives there too. I don't do flowers, so I thought this might be something that she could have to make her smile. It is an acrylic with a jazzy background that Rischa said that she liked. I wasn't so sure about it. I am my own worst critique though. lol That is why I always ask Rischa and Kolby their true opinions.

Here he is........

I am working on another painting that will probably be finished tonight before I go to bed....maybe. Well, for right now, I suppose I should say, "Tootle Loo".

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, it surprised me, it did snow. I didn't think that it really would. We had had so much rain though, that it didn't stick as much as it would have if it had not been so much water lying around. We got a total of about 3 1/2 inches of rain in about 24 hours. The snow was enough for Kolby to build a snow man; maybe an accumulation of about 2 inches. It started about 3 this afternoon and stopped about 9. So, see what I mean about the water keeping it from sticking very much? It was the largest flakes that I have ever seen; part of the time. We get excited around here when it snows a little because it does not do it very often.

Jamie, Jerri, Shelly and Emmy rode over for a little while. Kolby, Jamie, Jerri and Shelly had a little snow ball fight for a few minutes. It was so cold and the wind was blowing, so they could not stand to stay out there very long at the time. Emmy stayed in the house with me, eating Craisens and warming up. James mozzied around out there with them for a little while....long distance from the snow ball fight. lol

I did get a chance to finish my Little Grey Cabin painting. Here it is.....

Now I am anxious to start another one. I won't tell you what just yet....only because I don't exactly know myself yet. lol I think it might be something with a pallet knife with lots of texture maybe. Who knows? We shall see when it is finished. I have lots of things that I want to paint, just choosing what is the thing.

Maybe we will have more snow when we wake up in the morning. I think I will go to bed now so I can hurry up and wake up to see. "Good Night John Boy"